What to do with a teething toddler when it’s freezing and suddenly snowing outside??


Annabel like any toddler just can’t sit still.. Something she most likely wont grow out of since I haven’t managed to do this myself. For which I blame my granny with her over active adrenal glands. Mind you, it’s not the worst thing in the world. It does mean that a lot gets done around this house. Which my partner doesn’t complain about..

I digress. We’ve found that through some trial and error the best way to keep our daughter from screaming down the walls in pain from her teething in not to drug her up with teething gel, but to focus her attention on something else. Normally she’s my right hand girl in the kitchen, but this morning the distraction came in the form of building blocks. Phew..

But thankfully the suns starting to show its warm face, so outside we go for the next distraction.


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