Ode to America

As a tribute to the majority of readers and fans of my blog being from the States, I wanted to put together a photo montage of some of my travels to New York.

We travelled to NY mid 2012 and to say that I fell utterly head over heels in love for the place would be an understatement! The sights, sounds and smells opened my senses and boosted determination to capture the true essence of NY through the lens. Armed with a camera bag, sturdy walking shoes, a city map and a stroller loaded with my daughter eager to explore, we pounded the pavement. For the few days we were visiting we certainly covered some serious distance. The painful heels by the end of the day were worth it. The only regret was that we had to leave.

The New Yorkers were utterly lovely, always offering assistance when we obviously had out lost tourist faces on… Strafely that happened a little more than I’d like to admit. But I’ll blame that on constantly being disorientated from gawking at the abundance of amazing high rises and some very familiar landmarks.

From many recommendations from friends we did a foodies tour of the city – breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the meals in between.

Our foodie recommendations:
Formal Breakfast – Norma’s
Relaxed Beakfast – Cafe Gitane
Lunch – Cafeteria
Hot dogs – Snack Box – Times Square
Pizza – Lombardi’s
Cheesecake – Eileen’s Cheesecake
Coffee & Cake – Balthazar
Dinner – Freemasons Restaurant
A tipple or two – Buddakan

That’s just to name a few.

So to walk all that off.. Well you’re spoilt for choice. I was a huge fan of just meandering around and seeing where you end up. But I have to state the obvious here and mention Central Park and the Highline were lovely.

Please share some of your recommendations. Because New York, we will be back!

Enjoy the photos,
















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