Cupcakes, Champagne and Kidlets

Well that was a jam packed weekend!

I kicked the start of the weekend (Friday night, 7pm once the little ones were tucked up in bed) with a G&T and my baking hat donned and some funky 80’s tunes in the background. Ahh..shoulders down and relax….

I decided to whip up some super scrummy salted caramel cupcakes from the new Hummingbird Bakery: Home Sweet Home cookbook . Oh geez!! They were amazing!! I may have overdosed on the frosting though..


We kicked off early on Saturday and had our baby group around for a champagne breakfast while the kiddies played around the house. Annabel was loving playing and showing off her toys to her buddies. Thankfully they all came despite having to trek through the snow. Yes.. Snow in March! So much for spring..



Sunday was another early one with me off to take a portraiture shoot. I’m still editing. But I’ll share the results soon. I’m pretty pleased with how they’re came out. : ))

Then off to the Columbia Road Flower Market in the snow to get some VERY fresh air to check out the flowers then off to a nearby pub for a cheeky ale. Note to self- go back when I can feel my fingers again..


In all, a good weekend with good company and good food. Makes me very content.



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