My Kids Can Be Cute

Some days can be pretty average…but then come days can be just perfect. Today people was just one of those perfect days where you just want to say “yeah I’m a pretty alright Daddy”

Both kids started the day by just chattering away in their beds. Shock!! Normally they scream down the house wanting to get out of bed and start the day. Hence why Annabel may be in a cot longer than she thinks… But i can’t complain with some would say ‘tough love’ our kids sleep through from 7pm-8am… Result! *touch wood*

Anyway, Annabel then proceeded to annihilate her massive breakfast of yogurt, cereal, grapes, banana, orange and toast. Sorry dogs..nothing for you this morning.

We then quickly got dressed and headed out to a new ‘stay and play’ group which had a bouncy castle, dress ups, colouring, play doh, numerous toys, tents, toddler cars, snacks, coffee and some other token dad looking nervous. *chuckle* It was only a measly few pounds entry too. Score!! Since it was school holidays the place was heaving. But that’s cool with me, as it just teaches Annabel to share and meet other kids of all ages. Anyway we played for an hour or so then headed home for Annabel’s much needed nap. So Lachlan and I played. He had his first proper laugh! Cute! I was very proud and luckily recorded it on my phone.

Once Annabel rose, again just chatting away, we made some yummy and surprisingly healthy cookies. Recipe to follow…in time. So we played, danced, laughed, snuggled and had a great time.

I was a little sad when it came to dinner and bed time… But now I get some relaxing daddy time before I hit the gym. My poor body…

Here some photos from a day where I think I’ve earned my ‘super daddy’ cred..










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