Spring Is In The Air

After a busy weekend I’d be quite happy to just laze in the sun all day today. Yes!! We finally have sunshine!! Thank you Mother Nature the weather is glorious.

Although the weather was pretty miserable on Saturday, but not such a bad thing. As i spent most of the day whipping up a Spanish storm for a dinner party that night. What was on the menu you ask? Starters of Gambas Pil Pil, panfried chorizo in cider, potato tortilla, sardine marinated olives, meatballs with onion sauce, prawn croquettas, crema catalina, Santiago tart and white chocolate and saffron icecream. So yes..a lot had to be done before the guests arrived!

Here’s some of the workings. I’ll share the workings in more detail in good time.

20130415-114755 AM.jpg

20130415-114815 AM.jpg

20130415-114827 AM.jpg

20130415-114837 AM.jpg

20130415-114843 AM.jpg

Alas the night was a success after having the crowd roll out of the house at 2am. Sorry neighbours!

20130415-115018 AM.jpg

Which then leads us to Sunday.. Ouch.. Lets just say I needed loads of fresh air. So I spent the day in the back garden soaking up the sunshine and tidy up the garden while my partner did the honours of cleaning up the mess in the kitchen while resting on the couch and entertaining the kids. I’m always in my element in the garden!

This was the task ahead. A garden that was neglected due to the everlasting winter.. This is how it scrubbed up.

20130415-115804 AM.jpg

I’ve got it in the diary to visit the Columnia Road flower markets in Shoreditch to plump up the garden beds.

As for the kids, well they were little troopers! Lachlan is finding his feel albeit very early on! I’m getting excited about chasing two terrors around the house giggling!

20130415-120308 PM.jpg

Happy Monday bloggers!


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