A lazy weekend around London

Finally we made it to a weekend with nothing planned. Who would have thought that was possible for us??? Plus the sunshine was well and truly out. So we definitely couldn’t waste the weekend. Saturday i baked up a storm in the kitchen (pavlova and a pecan cheesecake), then helped a friend move house. Then Sunday we headed to the sunny harbour town of Portsmouth, surrounded by the white cliffs of Dover. Stunning!


We had a quick wonder around the town and then headed to a harbour restaurant – Rocksalt. There we spent a few hours sitting in the sunshine enjoying the local seafood and a crisp white wine. The kids seemed to love the fresh sea air and while being entertained by the boats coming in out out of the harbour and the rather large seagulls…

I had a little chuckle to myself with the table next to us were gobsmaked watching Annabel (a 20mth old) devouring oysters, mussels, whelks and taramasalata. Let’s just say it got a few comments. I was a very proud daddy of her love of food. None of this pre-packed kiddy mush for us!!

Having a craving for salted caramel icecream we then headed to Blackheath Village to satisfy our cravings..


Here’s some pics. Enjoy!














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