Hump Day Houses

Happy Wednesday bloggers!

Here’s some modern and heritage styled houses to enjoy.

Have a good one!

20130821-081821 AM.jpg

20130821-081827 AM.jpg

20130821-081837 AM.jpg

20130821-081832 AM.jpg

20130821-081842 AM.jpg

20130821-081847 AM.jpg

20130821-081852 AM.jpg

20130821-081857 AM.jpg

20130821-081901 AM.jpg

20130821-081907 AM.jpg


Holiday dreaming..

It’s a Tuesday and my brain has engaged in to holiday mode prematurely..

We’re off to Chicago for a few cheeky days with the family to go explore. I definitely can’t wait! If you have any recommendations, please feel free to share.

But secretly I think I’m dreaming of a relaxing and exotic holiday… Greedy, yes I know.. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming away on a Tuesday morning trip to work.

Here’s my inspiration…


20130820-083653 AM.jpg

20130820-083658 AM.jpg

20130820-083703 AM.jpg

20130820-083709 AM.jpg

20130820-083718 AM.jpg

20130820-083729 AM.jpg

20130820-083734 AM.jpg

20130820-083725 AM.jpg

20130820-083714 AM.jpg

Fashionista Fridays

Well another week is almost complete and again it’s been a busy one to say the least…

So to pump you all up for the weekend ahead and inspire your stylish brains, here’s this weeks edition of Fashionista Friday’s!

Have a great weekend people and be good to each other.


20130816-080132 AM.jpg20130816-080125 AM.jpg20130816-080145 AM.jpg20130816-080150 AM.jpg

20130816-080235 AM.jpg

20130816-080240 AM.jpg

20130816-080228 AM.jpg

20130816-080244 AM.jpg

20130816-080208 AM.jpg

20130816-080200 AM.jpg

20130816-080219 AM.jpg

20130816-080137 AM.jpg

20130816-080155 AM.jpg

20130816-080215 AM.jpg

Morning walks

So I have to admit that in the past I’ve definitely taken my morning walks for granted..

Over the course of the last few years my focus went from head up and taking in all the stunning iconic London history and architecture to recently putting my head down and pummelling through the masses of tourists to try and get to my destination as quickly as possible.

Now call it what you like, but i tend to think that now I’ve hit 30, been a stay at home daddy and been forced to quite literally be stopped by my daughter to smell every flower we pass, I may now have a slightly different perspective on life and my surroundings.

I know.. Quite deep for a mid week morning..

Anyway, I thought I’d share my morning walk with you all.

So go on people, take your time, shoulders down, relax and take in the scenery. But if you are saving lives for your job, ignore what I just said! Hah!

Share photos of your weekly and loop me in so I can see.


20130814-083422 AM.jpg

20130814-083435 AM.jpg

20130814-083451 AM.jpg

20130814-083507 AM.jpg

20130814-083558 AM.jpg

20130814-083638 AM.jpg

20130814-083615 AM.jpg

20130814-083548 AM.jpg

20130814-083535 AM.jpg

Hump Day Horticulture

Now as much as I’m a fan of home decor, after being back at work stuck indoors in a bit loathed to be inspired about the inside of four walls…

So for this week, we’re taking ‘Hump Day Houses outdoors to explore the lovely green home gardens of the world. Meanwhile I’ll just dream of sitting in one of these gardens with a book and refreshing cocktail.

Mmmm.. Looks like I’ll be spending some time in the garden this weekend..

Happy hump day folks!


20130814-081852 AM.jpg

20130814-081901 AM.jpg

20130814-081908 AM.jpg

20130814-081914 AM.jpg

20130814-081922 AM.jpg

20130814-081929 AM.jpg

20130814-081934 AM.jpg

20130814-081940 AM.jpg

20130814-081946 AM.jpg

Another Sunny Weekend

20130812-080220 AM.jpg

Good morning blogger buddies!

What a lovely summers Monday morning it is!

Well that’s done with another lovely family weekend spent in the sun with my loved ones.

Now that I’m back to work it’s made family time all that more special. Not that it wasn’t special enough already..

But being away from the family makes me crave them. Time to get project daddy start a business and work from home under way. The thinking cap is well and truly on!! I have plenty of ideas, just need to nail one down and drive it forward.

So Saturday morning was filled with a family breakfast, a massive food restock, a cook up for salmon and tuna fish cakes for the week, making a delectable chocolate and raspberry cake then off to a BBQ at our friends. They have a garden and allotment adjoining their house. So the kids spend the day running around in the long summer grass and feeding themselves on cake.. While we pretty much did the same. Haha!

Then Sunday was spent building cubbies in bed, some much needed clothes shopping.. then a cheeky trip to the seaside cliffs of Whitstable where the local fair was on. Annabel was in her element.. Again, so was I..

After all that i definitely feel as though we left no stones unturned and I can head into a jam packed week of work.

Happy Monday folks!

Here’s some photos in no particular order


20130812-081429 AM.jpg

20130812-080647 AM.jpg

20130812-080732 AM.jpg

20130812-080744 AM.jpg

20130812-080738 AM.jpg

20130812-080749 AM.jpg

20130812-080553 AM.jpg

20130812-080722 AM.jpg

20130812-080756 AM.jpg

20130812-080605 AM.jpg

20130812-080627 AM.jpg

20130812-080617 AM.jpg


London is currently enjoying a heat wave and I’m definitely making the most of it! Especially by making the most of the crisp natural light and taking some photos of glorious London in the sunshine.

Here’s some photos to share with you all.

Have a lovely Friday!


20130809-081048 AM.jpg

20130809-081057 AM.jpg

20130809-081123 AM.jpg

20130809-081035 AM.jpg

20130809-081106 AM.jpg

20130809-081115 AM.jpg

20130809-081130 AM.jpg