Paint it all white, with a hint of white!

Ok so it’s no surprise that I’m a huge an of everything painted WHITE and WHITE with a touch of more WHITE!

I find that it
A. Exudes elegance
B. Makes your house look crisp and fresh
C. Really helps draw needed attention to furniture, paintings and decorations
D. Helps you relax

My idea of eclectic chaos of having various trinkets with memories attached to them lovingly displayed around the house. White just provides a form of gallery feel as a background to make these loving items ‘pop out’, with out having some gaudy feature wall or over the top wallpaper/paint taking away the impact of your loved memories. My house is slowly coming a memory box full of our history as a family, apprised to the days of just buying things to fill a house. Yes people I’m getting old and sentimental.. I find it kind of like a little family secret of our history tied in to home decoration. It’s all about personalisation over a sterile environment.

It’s all personal preference of course! Like anything, I’m also entitled to change my opinion at the drop of a hat should my taste alter.. Haha!

Anyway, here’s some home styles that have caught my eye.

Enjoy and happy Wednesday!


20130807-082354 AM.jpg

20130807-082401 AM.jpg

20130807-082406 AM.jpg

20130807-082419 AM.jpg

20130807-082430 AM.jpg

20130807-082437 AM.jpg

20130807-082443 AM.jpg

20130807-082448 AM.jpg

20130807-082501 AM.jpg


2 thoughts on “Paint it all white, with a hint of white!

  1. Yes, totally agree with you; especially if you happen to have some nice old pieces of furniture, some beautiful pictures and the odd colour i.e. in a throw and/or cushions. I love it – and for a moment I even thought I saw my old kitchen back in the UK, but it was not. Btw, we like the last picture – nice house!!!! Carina 🙂

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