Another Sunny Weekend

20130812-080220 AM.jpg

Good morning blogger buddies!

What a lovely summers Monday morning it is!

Well that’s done with another lovely family weekend spent in the sun with my loved ones.

Now that I’m back to work it’s made family time all that more special. Not that it wasn’t special enough already..

But being away from the family makes me crave them. Time to get project daddy start a business and work from home under way. The thinking cap is well and truly on!! I have plenty of ideas, just need to nail one down and drive it forward.

So Saturday morning was filled with a family breakfast, a massive food restock, a cook up for salmon and tuna fish cakes for the week, making a delectable chocolate and raspberry cake then off to a BBQ at our friends. They have a garden and allotment adjoining their house. So the kids spend the day running around in the long summer grass and feeding themselves on cake.. While we pretty much did the same. Haha!

Then Sunday was spent building cubbies in bed, some much needed clothes shopping.. then a cheeky trip to the seaside cliffs of Whitstable where the local fair was on. Annabel was in her element.. Again, so was I..

After all that i definitely feel as though we left no stones unturned and I can head into a jam packed week of work.

Happy Monday folks!

Here’s some photos in no particular order


20130812-081429 AM.jpg

20130812-080647 AM.jpg

20130812-080732 AM.jpg

20130812-080744 AM.jpg

20130812-080738 AM.jpg

20130812-080749 AM.jpg

20130812-080553 AM.jpg

20130812-080722 AM.jpg

20130812-080756 AM.jpg

20130812-080605 AM.jpg

20130812-080627 AM.jpg

20130812-080617 AM.jpg


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