Hump Day Horticulture

Now as much as I’m a fan of home decor, after being back at work stuck indoors in a bit loathed to be inspired about the inside of four walls…

So for this week, we’re taking ‘Hump Day Houses outdoors to explore the lovely green home gardens of the world. Meanwhile I’ll just dream of sitting in one of these gardens with a book and refreshing cocktail.

Mmmm.. Looks like I’ll be spending some time in the garden this weekend..

Happy hump day folks!


20130814-081852 AM.jpg

20130814-081901 AM.jpg

20130814-081908 AM.jpg

20130814-081914 AM.jpg

20130814-081922 AM.jpg

20130814-081929 AM.jpg

20130814-081934 AM.jpg

20130814-081940 AM.jpg

20130814-081946 AM.jpg


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