Fashionista Fridays

Autumn has suddenly and unexpectedly rocked up on our doorstep after a long and thoroughly enjoyable summer.

So to celebrate the change in season and therefore attire, here are some of my favourite autumn fashions to inspire.

And yes… Stripes are my favourite..


20130906-081900 AM.jpg

20130906-082032 AM.jpg

20130906-082042 AM.jpg

20130906-082050 AM.jpg

20130906-082057 AM.jpg

20130906-082106 AM.jpg

20130906-082113 AM.jpg

20130906-082120 AM.jpg

20130906-082136 AM.jpg

20130906-082143 AM.jpg

20130906-082149 AM.jpg

20130906-082155 AM.jpg

20130906-082201 AM.jpg

20130906-082208 AM.jpg

20130906-082215 AM.jpg

20130906-082222 AM.jpg


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