Hump Day Haunted Houses

Hi all,

I thought that I’d mix it up a little for a Wednesdays edition of Hump Day Houses and showcase these somewhat creepy yet elegant houses.

Is it just me, or can you too see past the clutter and mess to see some HUGE potential?! Maybe I’ve spent too many years renovating…?

In some of the photos I’m waiting to see a little face pop out! Ahhhh!!

Anyway, happy hump day people!

Sam x

20130910-104803 PM.jpg20130910-104807 PM.jpg20130910-104812 PM.jpg20130910-104819 PM.jpg20130910-104825 PM.jpg20130910-104830 PM.jpg20130910-104835 PM.jpg20130910-104840 PM.jpg20130910-104846 PM.jpg20130910-104851 PM.jpg20130910-104859 PM.jpg20130910-104903 PM.jpg

20130910-104918 PM.jpg

20130910-104928 PM.jpg

20130910-104932 PM.jpg

20130910-104938 PM.jpg

20130910-104943 PM.jpg

20130910-104947 PM.jpg

20130910-104951 PM.jpg

20130910-104956 PM.jpg

20130910-105000 PM.jpg

20130910-105006 PM.jpg

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