Battersea Power Station

Hey photo buffs,

There is definitely an upside to winter drawing in.. And that would be the early sunset allowing me to head out and take some night shots.

The other night I took some of Battersea Power Station before it gets it transformation in to apartments.


20131016-084215 am.jpg

20131016-084223 am.jpg


WARNING – dreaming in progress

Hi all,

I see there’s nothing wrong with dreaming. After all it brings be aspirations and more so inspiration.

We’re surrounded by a mass of beauty in this world. So on a gloomy ‘hump day’ Wednesday it’s time for me to share with you some beautiful houses. Well.. My version of a beautiful house.

The grandure of the architecture and complete uninhibited style inspired me that there’s no limits to what can be achieved in life. If that’s what you aspire to, then there’s nothing really wrong with that. After all, there are a lot worse things in life than merely celebrating the grand architecture in this world.

Having said that… There’s no way if want to be running around cleaning any of these houses. But I’m guessing that if you’re fortunate enough to own one, then you’re fortunate enough to have it kept spotless by a cleaner…

C’mon people, share with me your architectural aspirations.

Happy ‘hump day’

20131016-082635 am.jpg

20131016-082653 am.jpg

20131016-082645 am.jpg

20131016-082700 am.jpg

20131016-082708 am.jpg

20131016-082720 am.jpg

20131016-082729 am.jpg

20131016-082736 am.jpg

20131016-082744 am.jpg

20131016-082751 am.jpg

20131016-082759 am.jpg

sunny days

Over the weekend it managed to be quite a warm day! Who would have thought? Even the shorts and t-shirts made a final appearance before they are delegated to the bottom of the drawer..

So, why hang around the house?

It was definitely a day to be out and about absorbing as much sunshine and fresh air as possible. Plus, it was a good excuse to test out Annabel’s birthday scooter. It’s kind of cruel.. As I want one now. Yes, one day I’ll grow up.. One day. But not yet!

Here’s some photos of us out and about in the local park.

C’mon! Throw us another sunny day Mother Nature!!

Yes… I’m starting to realise that I’m a true Londoner. Always whining about the weather…










who says autumn is drab??

It’s a rainy Friday morning here in London and all I can think about is being wrapped up warm and cosy in bed while watching the rain pour down outside.. Alas, it’s not yet time to pack in the day job. *sigh*

So since there’s no point in complaining about it, its time to get out into the elements while adequately protected in my Hunters wellies and Burberry trench to go explore the world of London’s autumn fashion.

Who says autumn needs to be drab??

Here’s some inspiration to share.


20131004-080758 am.jpg

20131004-082306 am.jpg

20131004-082315 am.jpg

20131004-082324 am.jpg

20131004-082333 am.jpg

20131004-082342 am.jpg

20131004-082350 am.jpg

20131004-082358 am.jpg

20131004-082407 am.jpg

20131004-082415 am.jpg

20131004-082425 am.jpg

20131004-082433 am.jpg

20131004-082440 am.jpg

20131004-082447 am.jpg

20131004-082455 am.jpg

20131004-082502 am.jpg

20131004-082510 am.jpg

20131004-082518 am.jpg

20131004-082525 am.jpg

20131004-082533 am.jpg

20131004-082540 am.jpg

20131004-082547 am.jpg

20131004-082554 am.jpg

20131004-082601 am.jpg

20131004-082608 am.jpg

20131004-082614 am.jpg

20131004-082622 am.jpg

20131004-082630 am.jpg