Greenwich by night

Since I’m always hunting for a challenge and opportunity to take an original photo with some depth.. One late night after pulling myself out of the gym, in the corner of my eye I saw Greenwich University flooded in lights. So I quickly rushed home, donned my inconspicuous black outfit and ventured out into the cold. It didn’t phase me why the grounds were lit up like a Football stadium, all I wanted was original shots that I love and I’m pretty sure I got them.

What I’ve learnt from my photography jaunts – every photo needs purpose, be unique, have a focal point, challenges your skills, be something you love and want to hang in your home.

If anyone has any photography challenges, I’m up for it!

Enjoy x

20131108-080030 am.jpg

20131108-080101 am.jpg

20131108-080021 am.jpg

20131108-080039 am.jpg

20131108-080118 am.jpg

20131108-080140 am.jpg

20131108-080047 am.jpg

20131108-080108 am.jpg


5 thoughts on “Greenwich by night

  1. Hey Sam,
    If you want a challenge..
    Your sponsor RedPorridge, would like to have your magical lense point in our direction, we need updates of new stock.

    LOVING these Greewich shots, so beautiful. You absolutely have to show your work somewhere. May have a small Christmas event in December, love you to bring some if your work along, they would make fabulous Christmas presents.

    Deborah at RedPorridge

    • Hi Debbie,
      I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for allowing me to display my photography in your amazing Christmas event! I’m very happy with all the sales that were made. Please let me know if you have any more upcoming events, as i’d love to participate again.
      Thank you once again for your support, it has been greatly appreciated!
      Kind regards,

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