Hey hey!! Welcome to my blog on the general ramblings of my life and interests as a somewhat creative Daddy of two under two.. Yes, this is my outlet from my two adorable nappy wearing screamers.

Hopefully my normal can be your entertainment.



18 thoughts on “About

  1. Enjoy your time with them…they grow all too quickly. I once had 4 under the age of 4. Now they’re 4 under the age of 28. Seems like yesterday they were fighting over the last Oreo cookie. Hmmm, actually – it was. Have Fun!

    • 4 under 4?! Ok.. I can’t complain then! Haha!! We were contemplating having another one (it gets a little addictive having a new born) but I just don’t have enough energy to run around after three. Hats off to you! Regards, Sam

  2. Thank you for following my favourite pastime, one week ago, notes tend to attract my attention so here I am. I love the theme photo, is it an ocean or a lake? My best wishes to your two adorable, nappy wearing screamers, I love children…I have four. Enjoy your day!

  3. I love talking to people. Wow Australia, one fine day I hope I shall be able to visit Australia. I saw great scenes when Oprah was there, and now we are seeing more through Ellen. It’s a lovely country..oops I am assuming you live there? I am a great supporter of newbies coz my blog is only two and a half months old, am new to blogging. Pleasant day to you and the nappy wearers!!

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