Renovations.. Why??

Ok I’ll fully admit that my blog has unfortunately fallen on the back burner due to somewhat hectic DIY renovations! To be honest, I’m only getting some time now as we are getting the floors sanded and varnished as we speak and it feels like I’m on house arrest while they turn my house downstairs into a construction site.

Lucky upstairs is a bit of a safe haven for myself and the kids. Having said that, we’re currently redecorating Annabel’s room to make way for a shared room for her and Lachlan. Can’t wait till its done.

So here’s a non-extensive list of actions that have kept me away from my love of all things cooking and turned me into a makeshift tradie..

Renovations of Annabel’s room
New curtains in most of the rooms
Restoration of a heritage front door
Kitchen makeover
Dining room makeover
Downtairs floorboards

What has been achieved while having the kids around has been nothing short of a miracle to be honest!

But it has us all crashing in to bed each night absolutely exhausted.

Here’s some photos of the work in progress. Please make sure you all take the time to enjoy your clean, tidy and fully functional houses… Can’t wait until
I can.


Ps- wallpaper is the devils work..

Here’s some of the progress on Annabel and Lachlan’s room

20130510-091840 AM.jpg

20130510-091851 AM.jpg

20130510-091903 AM.jpg

20130510-091917 AM.jpg

Here’s some of the dining room. Believe it or not, concreting was pretty painless and fun! Jack hammering up the previous floor…not so fun..

20130510-092049 AM.jpg

20130510-092104 AM.jpg

The shelves I built while the kids were in bed at night..

20130510-092255 AM.jpg

The before photos of the lounge and kitchen floors.

20130510-092234 AM.jpg

20130510-092226 AM.jpg

Oh and my little helper

20130510-092436 AM.jpg

This house will be done one day… And then we’ll most likely get bored and sell it. Sigh…


Spring Project.. Restoration

Isn’t it funny how some things just fall in to place?

The other day i was walking back from a kiddy play date, when low and behold i discover a front door sitting out the front of someone’s newly renovated house ready for disposal.

Ok, so you may be thinking – ‘but Sam, it’s just a door!’. Well i’ll tell you that i have been after this particular style of front door for over a year now and haven’t managed to find it ANYWHERE! ‘ve found some similar (but different) doors and they are priced at over a thousand pounds. Ouch!

It just so happens to be the original 1930’s style door the house would have originally had and some neighbours still have them as their front doors. I

So i mull it over for awhile.. how the heck am i going to get this solid door home while wheeling two kids in a buggy… hmmm?? RUN! So i sprinted home to the neighbours, knocked on the door (thankfully my neighbours are lovely and have always been offering to look after the kids), quickly wheeled them into their house and sprinted back for the door. Let me just stop here.. it’s not ofter (well ever) that i scavenge things from peoples rubbish. So i just had to rip the bandaid and be done with it before any of the other neighbours saw me. *blush*..

So there i am, the door is still there and WOW it was heavy. It took me quite some time to drag this thing back home. Luckily my neighbours husband who i abandoned the kids with came running down the road and helped me. Don’t worry, the kids were well and truly being entertained by his wife. So all was good. We managed to get the door home in one piece and although it need a lot of TLC i’m pretty sure i’ll get it looking just right. Oh.. i went and got the kids after that and i vow never to a) scavenge from rubbish and b). dump my kids at neighbours last minute like that again. But hey, what are neighbours for! haha!

So here it is. THE DOOR!

20130418-021047 PM.jpg

Yes, ok, you can see that it needs quite a substantial amount of work done to it. But hey, it’s going to be a good summer project.

So far i’ve managed to remove all the furniture from it – locks, hinges, mailbox, etc. Along the way i found some little keepsake memento’s on the back of the hinges showing the street where the door was originally installed. Which just so happens to be at a different address from where i found it. So i must be the third owner. Who would have thought a door would have so much history and so many locations? So i’ll have to hang on to the memento’s and add some of my own. Love a bit of history. I often wonder why people remove all this history from houses and replace it with cheap tat? I’m all about preserving history and mixing it with modern style.

20130418-021359 PM.jpg

Next step – although i’m a little timid about doing it… is to get the door stripped by a chemical dip. Still pondering if it’s the right thing to do, and won’t destroy the door. I may have grown a little attached to the door..

Then, some sanding, new led-light, a nice coat of paint (quite possibly firetruck red) and installing it. Can’t wait till it’s done! I’ll let you know how i get on.

Please let me know if you have any tips! I’m quite obviously a novice at front door restorations!