Fluffy Family

How can chickens make such a difference to the whole family??

I’d like to introduce you to our two claw footed, egg producing, and completely lovable chickens – Eddie and Patsy. Yes I know … Disgracefully sarcastic names, but it had to be done..

20140403-081423 am.jpg

I have to say that I was somewhat reluctant to add two additional mouths to feed to our growing family. But so far (touch wood) we’ve all fallen completely in love with our clucky chicks… Even the dogs can wait to get out in the mornings to sniff them down.

My 2yr old girl talks about them constantly. Her poor nursery class hear about the chickens every movement. Admittedly, they’re movements aren’t much other than exploring the garden for bugs and occasionally coming over for a pat. I’ve got to say, I didn’t expect a chicken to be so affectionate and seemingly aware of it’s surroundings. As for my 1yr old, he’s over the moon with excitement and simply squeels and points when he sees them. I’m pretty sure he can’t wait to get his hands on them.. Hmm.. I’ll be watching him with caution..

As for myself and my better half, well we think they’re fun. It’s a welcoming change to have a member of the family that just eats what you put in front of them without complaint and doesn’t have a tantrum. Result! Each day I’m pretty proud when I see they’ve produced an egg. My head boggles with what baking I can do to make best use of their eggs.

As for the kids development they have been amazing. My daughter is more than excited with the chores of feeding them and cleaning out the coop. Yes, she’s put to work early. She’s rewarded with a star on her Star Chart. Let’s see how long that reward recognition lasts with her.. But so far so good.

Even the neighbours have taken well to them. Happy to hear their muffled clucks apparently makes them feel like their in the country.

So.. So far they’re a winner!

Now I’ve got three eggs to figure out what to make. Any suggestions??

Much love,
Sam x



Let’s get the ball rolling… With cake!!!

It’s been a busy old time since New Years!

Travel to Australia, selling a house, manic at work, building my photography website, running a baking competition, designing our loft extension and last but definitely not least… We now have two additions to the family – chickens!

There are loads of updates and this year is set to be jam packed.

But for now, here’s a cake I made that’s chocolate packed.

I hope all my fellow bloggers and followed are well.

Much love,


New Year, New Features!



Happy New Year to you all!! 


I hope that you all had a magical and safe festive period with loved ones.


Mine was exactly what i needed, a relaxing time at home with family. Involving copious amounts of food… time spent with close friends and lots of cubby house building with the kids. I’m a very content father. 


Some exciting news on my side – I have not moved to a pure .com address!! From now on, my domain name will be http://www.whysamiam.com! Exciting times! 


So, thank you all for your comments and support! You’ve made my blogging experience very enjoyable. 


As always, i have way too many creative ideas to share with you. 


Stay tuned! 

Sam x

sunny days

Over the weekend it managed to be quite a warm day! Who would have thought? Even the shorts and t-shirts made a final appearance before they are delegated to the bottom of the drawer..

So, why hang around the house?

It was definitely a day to be out and about absorbing as much sunshine and fresh air as possible. Plus, it was a good excuse to test out Annabel’s birthday scooter. It’s kind of cruel.. As I want one now. Yes, one day I’ll grow up.. One day. But not yet!

Here’s some photos of us out and about in the local park.

C’mon! Throw us another sunny day Mother Nature!!

Yes… I’m starting to realise that I’m a true Londoner. Always whining about the weather…










Goodbye summer, hello autumn

Like most people with an iPhone, I’m sure you’re phones memory is heaving with too many photos… Mine definitely is.. (As it melts in my hand)

So i thought that I would share with you some of my phones hard work.

Here are some photos taken around London.

Send me some photo challenges! Always up for something that pushes my boundaries!


20130918-084400 AM.jpg

20130918-084426 AM.jpg

20130918-084455 AM.jpg

20130918-084623 AM.jpg

20130918-084653 AM.jpg

20130918-084637 AM.jpg

20130918-084539 AM.jpg

20130918-084554 AM.jpg

20130918-084510 AM.jpg

20130918-084724 AM.jpg

20130918-084704 AM.jpg

Hump Day Haunted Houses

Hi all,

I thought that I’d mix it up a little for a Wednesdays edition of Hump Day Houses and showcase these somewhat creepy yet elegant houses.

Is it just me, or can you too see past the clutter and mess to see some HUGE potential?! Maybe I’ve spent too many years renovating…?

In some of the photos I’m waiting to see a little face pop out! Ahhhh!!

Anyway, happy hump day people!

Sam x

20130910-104803 PM.jpg20130910-104807 PM.jpg20130910-104812 PM.jpg20130910-104819 PM.jpg20130910-104825 PM.jpg20130910-104830 PM.jpg20130910-104835 PM.jpg20130910-104840 PM.jpg20130910-104846 PM.jpg20130910-104851 PM.jpg20130910-104859 PM.jpg20130910-104903 PM.jpg

20130910-104918 PM.jpg

20130910-104928 PM.jpg

20130910-104932 PM.jpg

20130910-104938 PM.jpg

20130910-104943 PM.jpg

20130910-104947 PM.jpg

20130910-104951 PM.jpg

20130910-104956 PM.jpg

20130910-105000 PM.jpg

20130910-105006 PM.jpg

Hump Day Houses

Happy Wednesday bloggers!

Here’s some modern and heritage styled houses to enjoy.

Have a good one!

20130821-081821 AM.jpg

20130821-081827 AM.jpg

20130821-081837 AM.jpg

20130821-081832 AM.jpg

20130821-081842 AM.jpg

20130821-081847 AM.jpg

20130821-081852 AM.jpg

20130821-081857 AM.jpg

20130821-081901 AM.jpg

20130821-081907 AM.jpg