Let’s get the ball rolling… With cake!!!

It’s been a busy old time since New Years!

Travel to Australia, selling a house, manic at work, building my photography website, running a baking competition, designing our loft extension and last but definitely not least… We now have two additions to the family – chickens!

There are loads of updates and this year is set to be jam packed.

But for now, here’s a cake I made that’s chocolate packed.

I hope all my fellow bloggers and followed are well.

Much love,


Turning two

Well the time has come for my little girl to enter her ‘terrible twos’!! From what other parents tell me, it’s time to buckle down and just try to endure the ride that’s about to occur… gulp!

Luckily/unluckily Annabel’s already started to show signs of being a little challenging in her behavior. To her everything is “mine” and good on her for laying claim to possessions and even people. But after she lays claim to random things that quite definitely aren’t hers, we have a polite little discussion explaining that “no darling, but that other lovely ladies bracelet is definitely not yours” (but nice try…). I know it’s all a learning curve for their development and understanding but c’mon can it be over quickly?? My main worry is that my little boy Lachlan is going to pick up that her random acts of frustration are the norm. But hey, we all get our way though it.. Don’t we? Haha!! Ok, maybe not all of us.. I may be guilty of having moments when I want things that quite obviously aren’t mine. Nothing wrong with having aspirations. That’s my excuse anyway.

I do have to admit though, there are some amazing upsides to having a two year old – no lounge mr having to helicopter parent when they’re eating and playing, being able to have a somewhat rational conversation with your toddler and hope that some of its taken in, aiding them to understand the world around them (“daddy, what’s thaaaat?”), no more bottle feeding, the possibility of big having to deal with nappies (but then again, I can see the upside of them over potty training…) but mostly being able to create a world of imaginary play! Ok, as I write this I’m learning that I’ve never really grown up past two.. I just got taller..

So as a finale to my time of being a stay at home daddy I decided to ‘go big’ with Annabel’s party and create a kitch come modern theme. Bunting of course was no option. The cake area had to be simple, but help celebrate the last two years of Annabel’s life and the (what I call) tribe of people surrounding her and helping her to be the determined and lovable little girl that she is. So, I came up with the montage of photos of her and ‘the tribe’ assorted in the shape of a 2. Then a little more bunting.. There was food, food and more food. All of course handmade by moi. Plenty of kiddy and adult drinks to help celebrate. The garden was a simple kiddy paradise with a bouncy castle, dress ups and a colouring in table. In all, everything was done ahead of time, so all we had to do was heat and service food and just enjoy the day.

Which leads me to the cake.. Well I’ve got to say that’s my first 9 layer, 3 tiered cake and maybe my last.. It was a chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate fingers and of course chocolate smarties. Chocolate overload? Never!! I’ve got to say, it was monstrous but well worth the effort. It definitely was the icing on the party.

So, here are some of the photos. Now I’ll start planning for Lachlan’s big 1st birthday. Can’t wait!!













Another Sunny Weekend

20130812-080220 AM.jpg

Good morning blogger buddies!

What a lovely summers Monday morning it is!

Well that’s done with another lovely family weekend spent in the sun with my loved ones.

Now that I’m back to work it’s made family time all that more special. Not that it wasn’t special enough already..

But being away from the family makes me crave them. Time to get project daddy start a business and work from home under way. The thinking cap is well and truly on!! I have plenty of ideas, just need to nail one down and drive it forward.

So Saturday morning was filled with a family breakfast, a massive food restock, a cook up for salmon and tuna fish cakes for the week, making a delectable chocolate and raspberry cake then off to a BBQ at our friends. They have a garden and allotment adjoining their house. So the kids spend the day running around in the long summer grass and feeding themselves on cake.. While we pretty much did the same. Haha!

Then Sunday was spent building cubbies in bed, some much needed clothes shopping.. then a cheeky trip to the seaside cliffs of Whitstable where the local fair was on. Annabel was in her element.. Again, so was I..

After all that i definitely feel as though we left no stones unturned and I can head into a jam packed week of work.

Happy Monday folks!

Here’s some photos in no particular order


20130812-081429 AM.jpg

20130812-080647 AM.jpg

20130812-080732 AM.jpg

20130812-080744 AM.jpg

20130812-080738 AM.jpg

20130812-080749 AM.jpg

20130812-080553 AM.jpg

20130812-080722 AM.jpg

20130812-080756 AM.jpg

20130812-080605 AM.jpg

20130812-080627 AM.jpg

20130812-080617 AM.jpg

A lazy weekend around London

Finally we made it to a weekend with nothing planned. Who would have thought that was possible for us??? Plus the sunshine was well and truly out. So we definitely couldn’t waste the weekend. Saturday i baked up a storm in the kitchen (pavlova and a pecan cheesecake), then helped a friend move house. Then Sunday we headed to the sunny harbour town of Portsmouth, surrounded by the white cliffs of Dover. Stunning!


We had a quick wonder around the town and then headed to a harbour restaurant – Rocksalt. There we spent a few hours sitting in the sunshine enjoying the local seafood and a crisp white wine. The kids seemed to love the fresh sea air and while being entertained by the boats coming in out out of the harbour and the rather large seagulls…

I had a little chuckle to myself with the table next to us were gobsmaked watching Annabel (a 20mth old) devouring oysters, mussels, whelks and taramasalata. Let’s just say it got a few comments. I was a very proud daddy of her love of food. None of this pre-packed kiddy mush for us!!

Having a craving for salted caramel icecream we then headed to Blackheath Village to satisfy our cravings..


Here’s some pics. Enjoy!













Cupcakes, Champagne and Kidlets

Well that was a jam packed weekend!

I kicked the start of the weekend (Friday night, 7pm once the little ones were tucked up in bed) with a G&T and my baking hat donned and some funky 80’s tunes in the background. Ahh..shoulders down and relax….

I decided to whip up some super scrummy salted caramel cupcakes from the new Hummingbird Bakery: Home Sweet Home cookbook . Oh geez!! They were amazing!! I may have overdosed on the frosting though..


We kicked off early on Saturday and had our baby group around for a champagne breakfast while the kiddies played around the house. Annabel was loving playing and showing off her toys to her buddies. Thankfully they all came despite having to trek through the snow. Yes.. Snow in March! So much for spring..



Sunday was another early one with me off to take a portraiture shoot. I’m still editing. But I’ll share the results soon. I’m pretty pleased with how they’re came out. : ))

Then off to the Columbia Road Flower Market in the snow to get some VERY fresh air to check out the flowers then off to a nearby pub for a cheeky ale. Note to self- go back when I can feel my fingers again..


In all, a good weekend with good company and good food. Makes me very content.