Let’s get the ball rolling… With cake!!!

It’s been a busy old time since New Years!

Travel to Australia, selling a house, manic at work, building my photography website, running a baking competition, designing our loft extension and last but definitely not least… We now have two additions to the family – chickens!

There are loads of updates and this year is set to be jam packed.

But for now, here’s a cake I made that’s chocolate packed.

I hope all my fellow bloggers and followed are well.

Much love,



Sunny Belfast

Ants in our pants!!

That we definitely have!

We decided two hours before the boarding time that we’d clear out the weekend activities and head on over to see my partners family over in Belfast, Ireland. Who said you can’t travel last minute with kids. Mind you… It wasn’t the most relaxing experience of packing and getting to the airport. Alas, we’re here in our 93yr old great granny’s house and the kids are loving it. I’m also loving the flash backs of style..

So I’ll share

20130406-091539 AM.jpg

20130406-091632 AM.jpg

20130406-091712 AM.jpg

20130406-091822 AM.jpg

20130406-091849 AM.jpg