Hump Day Houses

Happy Hump Day Bloggers!

Here are some of my favorite modern houses, most complete with a pool or course!

Have a happy Wednesday!


20130918-083012 AM.jpg

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Turning two

Well the time has come for my little girl to enter her ‘terrible twos’!! From what other parents tell me, it’s time to buckle down and just try to endure the ride that’s about to occur… gulp!

Luckily/unluckily Annabel’s already started to show signs of being a little challenging in her behavior. To her everything is “mine” and good on her for laying claim to possessions and even people. But after she lays claim to random things that quite definitely aren’t hers, we have a polite little discussion explaining that “no darling, but that other lovely ladies bracelet is definitely not yours” (but nice try…). I know it’s all a learning curve for their development and understanding but c’mon can it be over quickly?? My main worry is that my little boy Lachlan is going to pick up that her random acts of frustration are the norm. But hey, we all get our way though it.. Don’t we? Haha!! Ok, maybe not all of us.. I may be guilty of having moments when I want things that quite obviously aren’t mine. Nothing wrong with having aspirations. That’s my excuse anyway.

I do have to admit though, there are some amazing upsides to having a two year old – no lounge mr having to helicopter parent when they’re eating and playing, being able to have a somewhat rational conversation with your toddler and hope that some of its taken in, aiding them to understand the world around them (“daddy, what’s thaaaat?”), no more bottle feeding, the possibility of big having to deal with nappies (but then again, I can see the upside of them over potty training…) but mostly being able to create a world of imaginary play! Ok, as I write this I’m learning that I’ve never really grown up past two.. I just got taller..

So as a finale to my time of being a stay at home daddy I decided to ‘go big’ with Annabel’s party and create a kitch come modern theme. Bunting of course was no option. The cake area had to be simple, but help celebrate the last two years of Annabel’s life and the (what I call) tribe of people surrounding her and helping her to be the determined and lovable little girl that she is. So, I came up with the montage of photos of her and ‘the tribe’ assorted in the shape of a 2. Then a little more bunting.. There was food, food and more food. All of course handmade by moi. Plenty of kiddy and adult drinks to help celebrate. The garden was a simple kiddy paradise with a bouncy castle, dress ups and a colouring in table. In all, everything was done ahead of time, so all we had to do was heat and service food and just enjoy the day.

Which leads me to the cake.. Well I’ve got to say that’s my first 9 layer, 3 tiered cake and maybe my last.. It was a chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache, chocolate fingers and of course chocolate smarties. Chocolate overload? Never!! I’ve got to say, it was monstrous but well worth the effort. It definitely was the icing on the party.

So, here are some of the photos. Now I’ll start planning for Lachlan’s big 1st birthday. Can’t wait!!













Hump Day Haunted Houses

Hi all,

I thought that I’d mix it up a little for a Wednesdays edition of Hump Day Houses and showcase these somewhat creepy yet elegant houses.

Is it just me, or can you too see past the clutter and mess to see some HUGE potential?! Maybe I’ve spent too many years renovating…?

In some of the photos I’m waiting to see a little face pop out! Ahhhh!!

Anyway, happy hump day people!

Sam x

20130910-104803 PM.jpg20130910-104807 PM.jpg20130910-104812 PM.jpg20130910-104819 PM.jpg20130910-104825 PM.jpg20130910-104830 PM.jpg20130910-104835 PM.jpg20130910-104840 PM.jpg20130910-104846 PM.jpg20130910-104851 PM.jpg20130910-104859 PM.jpg20130910-104903 PM.jpg

20130910-104918 PM.jpg

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20130910-104938 PM.jpg

20130910-104943 PM.jpg

20130910-104947 PM.jpg

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20130910-104956 PM.jpg

20130910-105000 PM.jpg

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Hump Day Houses

Happy Wednesday bloggers!

Here’s some modern and heritage styled houses to enjoy.

Have a good one!

20130821-081821 AM.jpg

20130821-081827 AM.jpg

20130821-081837 AM.jpg

20130821-081832 AM.jpg

20130821-081842 AM.jpg

20130821-081847 AM.jpg

20130821-081852 AM.jpg

20130821-081857 AM.jpg

20130821-081901 AM.jpg

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Paint it all white, with a hint of white!

Ok so it’s no surprise that I’m a huge an of everything painted WHITE and WHITE with a touch of more WHITE!

I find that it
A. Exudes elegance
B. Makes your house look crisp and fresh
C. Really helps draw needed attention to furniture, paintings and decorations
D. Helps you relax

My idea of eclectic chaos of having various trinkets with memories attached to them lovingly displayed around the house. White just provides a form of gallery feel as a background to make these loving items ‘pop out’, with out having some gaudy feature wall or over the top wallpaper/paint taking away the impact of your loved memories. My house is slowly coming a memory box full of our history as a family, apprised to the days of just buying things to fill a house. Yes people I’m getting old and sentimental.. I find it kind of like a little family secret of our history tied in to home decoration. It’s all about personalisation over a sterile environment.

It’s all personal preference of course! Like anything, I’m also entitled to change my opinion at the drop of a hat should my taste alter.. Haha!

Anyway, here’s some home styles that have caught my eye.

Enjoy and happy Wednesday!


20130807-082354 AM.jpg

20130807-082401 AM.jpg

20130807-082406 AM.jpg

20130807-082419 AM.jpg

20130807-082430 AM.jpg

20130807-082437 AM.jpg

20130807-082443 AM.jpg

20130807-082448 AM.jpg

20130807-082501 AM.jpg

Renovations.. Why??

Ok I’ll fully admit that my blog has unfortunately fallen on the back burner due to somewhat hectic DIY renovations! To be honest, I’m only getting some time now as we are getting the floors sanded and varnished as we speak and it feels like I’m on house arrest while they turn my house downstairs into a construction site.

Lucky upstairs is a bit of a safe haven for myself and the kids. Having said that, we’re currently redecorating Annabel’s room to make way for a shared room for her and Lachlan. Can’t wait till its done.

So here’s a non-extensive list of actions that have kept me away from my love of all things cooking and turned me into a makeshift tradie..

Renovations of Annabel’s room
New curtains in most of the rooms
Restoration of a heritage front door
Kitchen makeover
Dining room makeover
Downtairs floorboards

What has been achieved while having the kids around has been nothing short of a miracle to be honest!

But it has us all crashing in to bed each night absolutely exhausted.

Here’s some photos of the work in progress. Please make sure you all take the time to enjoy your clean, tidy and fully functional houses… Can’t wait until
I can.


Ps- wallpaper is the devils work..

Here’s some of the progress on Annabel and Lachlan’s room

20130510-091840 AM.jpg

20130510-091851 AM.jpg

20130510-091903 AM.jpg

20130510-091917 AM.jpg

Here’s some of the dining room. Believe it or not, concreting was pretty painless and fun! Jack hammering up the previous floor…not so fun..

20130510-092049 AM.jpg

20130510-092104 AM.jpg

The shelves I built while the kids were in bed at night..

20130510-092255 AM.jpg

The before photos of the lounge and kitchen floors.

20130510-092234 AM.jpg

20130510-092226 AM.jpg

Oh and my little helper

20130510-092436 AM.jpg

This house will be done one day… And then we’ll most likely get bored and sell it. Sigh…

Hump Day Dreaming..

How has this week gone so fast already?

To inspire some creativity on a Wednesday morning I thought what better way than to share some dream home ideas. A dream which one day will come to fruition.

I’m a huge fan of having everything white to promote the crisp and clean look and help further accentuate the stand out items of furniture and nic-nacks.



(Photo courtesy of Flodeau)


(Photo courtesy of In The White)


(Photo courtesy of She Had USA)


(Photo courtesy of Pat Bates)


(Photo courtesy of Baby Bites)


(Photo courtesy of Pat Bates


(Photo courtesy of Houzz


(Photo courtesy of Decor Pad


(Photo courtesy of House and Home


(Photo courtesy of Inside Homes


(Photo courtesy of One Kin Design)


(Photo courtesy of Planete Deco)

Happy Wednesday!!