London Noir

As you’re all no doubt aware that I’m always up for a challenge.. This was my latest challenge to capture the elegant London Chelsea and Battersea bridges by night.

I’ve got to say that it was a little frosty.. But well worth the efforts. Even if just for the chance to further explore my night photography skills.

Yes Red Porridge there will definitely be a select few of these prints appearing in your sale! Can’t wait!!

Here’s the outcome. Let me know your thoughts and other challenges!

Sam x

20131118-082842 am.jpg

20131118-082902 am.jpg

20131118-082909 am.jpg

20131118-082917 am.jpg

20131118-082853 am.jpg


London Autumn

This time of year is simply stunning with the trees turning a lovely gold and bronze in readiness for the winter months ahead.

It’s a photographers dream.

Here’s some of my shots.


20131118-081948 am.jpg

20131118-081959 am.jpg

20131118-082010 am.jpg

Greenwich by night

Since I’m always hunting for a challenge and opportunity to take an original photo with some depth.. One late night after pulling myself out of the gym, in the corner of my eye I saw Greenwich University flooded in lights. So I quickly rushed home, donned my inconspicuous black outfit and ventured out into the cold. It didn’t phase me why the grounds were lit up like a Football stadium, all I wanted was original shots that I love and I’m pretty sure I got them.

What I’ve learnt from my photography jaunts – every photo needs purpose, be unique, have a focal point, challenges your skills, be something you love and want to hang in your home.

If anyone has any photography challenges, I’m up for it!

Enjoy x

20131108-080030 am.jpg

20131108-080101 am.jpg

20131108-080021 am.jpg

20131108-080039 am.jpg

20131108-080118 am.jpg

20131108-080140 am.jpg

20131108-080047 am.jpg

20131108-080108 am.jpg

Battersea Power Station

Hey photo buffs,

There is definitely an upside to winter drawing in.. And that would be the early sunset allowing me to head out and take some night shots.

The other night I took some of Battersea Power Station before it gets it transformation in to apartments.


20131016-084215 am.jpg

20131016-084223 am.jpg

Goodbye summer, hello autumn

Like most people with an iPhone, I’m sure you’re phones memory is heaving with too many photos… Mine definitely is.. (As it melts in my hand)

So i thought that I would share with you some of my phones hard work.

Here are some photos taken around London.

Send me some photo challenges! Always up for something that pushes my boundaries!


20130918-084400 AM.jpg

20130918-084426 AM.jpg

20130918-084455 AM.jpg

20130918-084623 AM.jpg

20130918-084653 AM.jpg

20130918-084637 AM.jpg

20130918-084539 AM.jpg

20130918-084554 AM.jpg

20130918-084510 AM.jpg

20130918-084724 AM.jpg

20130918-084704 AM.jpg


London is currently enjoying a heat wave and I’m definitely making the most of it! Especially by making the most of the crisp natural light and taking some photos of glorious London in the sunshine.

Here’s some photos to share with you all.

Have a lovely Friday!


20130809-081048 AM.jpg

20130809-081057 AM.jpg

20130809-081123 AM.jpg

20130809-081035 AM.jpg

20130809-081106 AM.jpg

20130809-081115 AM.jpg

20130809-081130 AM.jpg

London photography

Hello Bloggers,

On a warm, yet gloomy Friday I thought I’d share with you all some of my fav London photos I’ve taken.

I’m considering uploading some of my photos to Shutterstock to share. Has anyone got any advice?

I hope you enjoy!