Fashionista Fridays

The tulips, daffodils and flowers are vigorously sprouting around London which can only mean one thing… Spring is well and truly here!

Time to clear out those dusty wardrobes of wooly and bland clothing and fill them with vibrant and bold striped and checked items!

It’s also time to slick that quiff back boys.

Here’s my inspiration for this spring.



20140404-081108 am.jpg

20140404-081127 am.jpg

20140404-081134 am.jpg

20140404-081116 am.jpg

20140404-081147 am.jpg

20140404-081141 am.jpg

20140404-081153 am.jpg

20140404-081201 am.jpg

20140404-081213 am.jpg

20140404-081207 am.jpg

20140404-081219 am.jpg


Let’s get the ball rolling… With cake!!!

It’s been a busy old time since New Years!

Travel to Australia, selling a house, manic at work, building my photography website, running a baking competition, designing our loft extension and last but definitely not least… We now have two additions to the family – chickens!

There are loads of updates and this year is set to be jam packed.

But for now, here’s a cake I made that’s chocolate packed.

I hope all my fellow bloggers and followed are well.

Much love,


New Year, New Features!



Happy New Year to you all!! 


I hope that you all had a magical and safe festive period with loved ones.


Mine was exactly what i needed, a relaxing time at home with family. Involving copious amounts of food… time spent with close friends and lots of cubby house building with the kids. I’m a very content father. 


Some exciting news on my side – I have not moved to a pure .com address!! From now on, my domain name will be! Exciting times! 


So, thank you all for your comments and support! You’ve made my blogging experience very enjoyable. 


As always, i have way too many creative ideas to share with you. 


Stay tuned! 

Sam x

Fashionista Fridays

Autumn has suddenly and unexpectedly rocked up on our doorstep after a long and thoroughly enjoyable summer.

So to celebrate the change in season and therefore attire, here are some of my favourite autumn fashions to inspire.

And yes… Stripes are my favourite..


20130906-081900 AM.jpg

20130906-082032 AM.jpg

20130906-082042 AM.jpg

20130906-082050 AM.jpg

20130906-082057 AM.jpg

20130906-082106 AM.jpg

20130906-082113 AM.jpg

20130906-082120 AM.jpg

20130906-082136 AM.jpg

20130906-082143 AM.jpg

20130906-082149 AM.jpg

20130906-082155 AM.jpg

20130906-082201 AM.jpg

20130906-082208 AM.jpg

20130906-082215 AM.jpg

20130906-082222 AM.jpg

Fashionista Fridays

Well another week is almost complete and again it’s been a busy one to say the least…

So to pump you all up for the weekend ahead and inspire your stylish brains, here’s this weeks edition of Fashionista Friday’s!

Have a great weekend people and be good to each other.


20130816-080132 AM.jpg20130816-080125 AM.jpg20130816-080145 AM.jpg20130816-080150 AM.jpg

20130816-080235 AM.jpg

20130816-080240 AM.jpg

20130816-080228 AM.jpg

20130816-080244 AM.jpg

20130816-080208 AM.jpg

20130816-080200 AM.jpg

20130816-080219 AM.jpg

20130816-080137 AM.jpg

20130816-080155 AM.jpg

20130816-080215 AM.jpg


20130807-083548 AM.jpg

Ok wow!! Just recieved a lovely little notification to say that I’ve hit the century and now have 100 followers!!

I’ve got to say people, I’m very chuffed!!

Thank you for all your support, comments, sharing and most importantly reading my posts.

I’m thoroughly enjoying sharing my thought and reading others blogs.

Much love,

Daddy’s spring Style

Daddy's spring Style